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Q: What does crooks spend his free time doing?
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How do spend your free time?

Doing Hobby's

How does a typical Russian spend their free time during the day?

russians spend their time by doing work around the house.

What does the stable buck spend his time doing In of mice and men?

The stable buck in "Of Mice and Men" is named Crooks, and he spends his time mending horses in the stable. He is segregated from the other ranch workers because of his race, and finds solace in books in his room.

What do wombats spend their time doing?

Wombats graze, sleep and reproduce. That is what they spend their time doing.

What does crooks do in all of his free time by himself?

Crooks spends his free time reading books, taking care of his horses, and contemplating life. He is often isolated and lonely, so he finds solace in these simple activities.

How do ecuadorians spend there free time?

They spend their free time playing games and talking. Ecuadorians spends time with family.

Why does the opportunity cost of doing homework increase as you spend more time doing it?

Opportunity cost of doing homework increases as you spend more time doing it because of the time you are allocating for it. You can be accomplishing something else.

What does crooks like to do in his spare time in mice to men?

Crooks enjoys reading books because they provide an escape from his isolated and marginalized existence on the ranch. He also appreciates the quiet moments he can spend alone in his room.

What puffins spend most of there time doing?

Puffins spend most of their time flying or feeding.

What do ladybugs spend most of there time doing?

lady bugs spend most of their time eating

Where do vampires spend their time?

They like to spend their times in dark places or spend in their caves doing nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you read often and if not then why?

I used to, however I have very little free time to spend reading. Most of the free time I have I spend sleeping or working.