What does iron ore make?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What does iron ore make?
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How do you get iron with iron ore minecraft?

You have to mine iron ore and coal make a furnace and melt the iron ore to make iron ingot. Update: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!

What do they call people who make iron ore?

People do not make iron ore, it is mined as is.

Are iron and iron ore the same thing?

No; iron ore is mixed with copper and smelted; the ore needs to be refined to extract pure iron. You cannot make a tool out of ore, but rather with pure iron.

What do they make out of iron ore?

the Iron itself

What are the uses iron ore?

Iron Ore is an Iron Compound. Iron ore is usually used to make pig iron(metallic iron), cast iron, corrugated iron structural sheeting, and wrought iron.

What is iron ora mining?

iron ORE mining is the process of using a pickaxe on iron rocks to obtain iron ore. Iron ore can be smelted down in a furnace to make iron bars Iron bars are used to make all kinds of things

What can you make out of iron ore in Minecraft?

The only thing you can do with Iron Ore in Minecraft is smelt it in a furnace to get Iron Ingots.

How do you make sentence for ore?

how can you find iron ore in minecraft.

What mineral is used to make an iron ore?

Iron ore is primarily composed of hematite or magnetite.

What are iron ore used for?

To make iron and steel.

What device did the people of Kush use to make iron from the ore they mined?

The people of Kush used bloomery furnaces to make iron from the ore they mined. This furnace was a type of hearth where iron ore was heated with charcoal to extract the iron.

What things can you name made of iron ore?

answer my question what things are made from iron ore An AnswerFrom Iron Ore you can make Iron from which you make industrialised society.Things made direct from the ore would be rarer but it's basically a type of rock so you can carve stuff from it if you really want.