What does nefer mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A word in the Ancient Egyptian language that was used to symbolize beauty and goodness.

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Q: What does nefer mean?
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When was Ra Un Nefer Amen born?

Ra Un Nefer Amen was born in 1944.

What was the per nefer?

The per-nefer is the "house of beauty" where the internal organs are removed during the Egyptian process of mummification.

What are some of Nefertiti's nicknames?

Nefertiti was a Pharaoh and I'm pretty sure no one who of givien her a nickname, but when she died they named her the Hertic Queen and her niece who was Pharaoh Ramesses Chief Wife Nefertari. Ramesses nicknamed her Nefer so I guess you can use Nefer for Nefertiti to! :)

How did Nefertiti make Egypt a better place?

Nefer titi

What is qa-nefer's reward in the golden goblet?

golden earrings

Is Oscar fat?

NO, he is definitely not #NOTFATGANG

What has the author Ra Un Nefer Amen written?

Ra Un Nefer Amen. has written: 'Metu neter' -- subject(s): Egyptian Oracles, Oracles, Egyptian, Spiritual life

Who was the favorite pet of the qweeen in the book golden goblet?

Qa-nefer =)

Why did ranofer go to the queen?

qa-nefer found him in the tomb and thought he was stealing

How do you pronounce the Egyptian names Djeserit Haqikah Het-heru Jendayi Urbi and Nefertiti?

Djeserit Haqikah Het-Heru Jendayi Ubri is pronounced: Jesseh-reet Hah-kee-kah Heht-Her-roo Gen-dah-ee Oohr-be Nefertiti is pronounced: Nefer(as in Nefer-ious) -ty-ty (the "t" being softly sounded as in "misty") Nefer-tyty

What are facts abot Nefertiti?

yes, there are many interesting facts about Nefertiti. one that I think is pretty cool is how she would always were a necklace that consisted of "nefer beads", made of gold. The gold came from Nubia to Egypt. Many other queens have worn items made of nefer beads, but Nefertiti was definitely the one who wore them most. Some nefer beads were even found near her grave. One more fact is that Nefertiti means "the beautiful one has arrived". I really hope this helps! :)

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