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Absolutely nothing.

The pineapple did not exist in ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptian language has no word for that fruit.

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Q: What does the pineapple meant as a symbol in ancient Egypt?
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Who ruled Egypt after Cleopatra?

After Cleopatra, Egypt became an imperial province of Rome. This meant that the emperor and not the senate had control over Egypt.

Why was the double crown of Egypt important?

The Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt is also known as the Pschent crown. King Menes of Memphis founded the First Egyptian Dynasty around 3100 BC and unified the Two Lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. As a symbol of unity between the Two Lands, King Menes created the Double Crown by inserting the White Crown of Upper Egypt into the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. The double crown was an amalgamation of the white crown (Ancient Egyptian name 'hedjet') of Upper Egypt and the red crown (Ancient Egyptian name 'deshret') of Lower Egypt.Thanks!

What first meant the great house in ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptian term pr-'3 (usually expressed as per-aa in modern studies) means "great house" - the palace of the ruling pharaoh. By extension it came to mean the king himself, but it was not the only term meaning king or pharaoh.

What did Egyptians do to criminals in Ancient Egypt?

They Cut your ears of and Enslaved you. Or they threw you into the Nile river. or you got mummified alive The punishment depended on the crime. Murder, tomb robbing etc. meant execution.

The empire that ruled Egypt after Cleopatra died?

The empire that ruled Egypt after Cleopatra's death was the Roman empire. Egypt became an imperial province, which meant that it was directly controlled by the emperor instead of the senate.

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What Was cat symbol for in ancient rome?

CAts were not a symbol of ancient rome,they were symbols in ancient EgyptActually the cat did have a symbol in Ancient Rome, the cat was the symbol of libertySorry I meant to type down that it was a symbol of liberty

Was there a kye in Egypt?

Kye or Ki in some ancient Egyptian dialects meant "ripple" - related to water.

What tittle was given to the rulers of ancient Egypt?

Pharaoh. In those times it literally meant good house.

What did the serpent mean to the ancient Egyptians?

the serpent or the cobra to be exact, meant protection to the royal king of ancient Egypt . that,s why the cobra adorned the royal Egyptian crowns .

A king in ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptians were polytheistic, therefore they did not believe in a singular god.

Why do you think that social pyramids in ancient Egypt was rigid?

It is because of the Nile River, they that it was a God. ;) lol jk What I meant was that the pharaoh kept it stable.

Why do you think that the social pyramids in ancient Egypt was rigid?

It is because of the Nile River, they that it was a God. ;) lol jk What I meant was that the pharaoh kept it stable.

Why were the ancient Egypt not afraid of the flood?

The Nile flooded annually every year; this was a time of rejoicing not fear, for it meant the crops and animals and the people would than not starve.

What was a lucky symbol in ancient rome?

The ancient Romans had many lucky symbols, but the most common was (gasp!) a phallus. Now this might seem shocking to us, but to the ancients it was not something "dirty" but a fertility symbol. Fertility meant prosperity and general good luck. They also had numerous personal lucky charms.

What is meant by the symbol of mercy?

If it is the symbol of mercy then logically it will mean mercy.

Which chemical is meant by the word carbon?

If you meant which symbol carbon is, it is C.

How did the afterlife effect people in the ancient Egypt?

well, people in ancient Egypt took the afterlife very seriously, this meant going through the mummification process which took about 70 days & weighing the heart & if the heart weighed more then the feather a crocodile would eat it & you wouldn't be able to make it to the afterlife because of your sins.