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Absolutely nothing.

The pineapple did not exist in ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptian language has no word for that fruit.

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Q: What does the pineapple meant as a symbol in ancient Egypt?
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What Was cat symbol for in ancient rome?

CAts were not a symbol of ancient rome,they were symbols in ancient EgyptActually the cat did have a symbol in Ancient Rome, the cat was the symbol of libertySorry I meant to type down that it was a symbol of liberty

What was the significance of the scarab?

The Scarab was a symbol of Eternity in Ancient Egypt. It has represented Immortality, death and rebirth, and longevity. Wearing scarab jewelry was meant to help the bearer have a long, healthy life.

Why is the book of dead important to ancient Egypt?

An ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead was meant to help guide the deceased safely to the afterlife.

Was there a kye in Egypt?

Kye or Ki in some ancient Egyptian dialects meant "ripple" - related to water.

What tittle was given to the rulers of ancient Egypt?

Pharaoh. In those times it literally meant good house.

How did ancient Egypt use irrigation?

For the most part ancient Egypt houses were constructed using materials that were handy and plentiful. This meant that the design of houses in ancient Egypt varied little, even among the wealthy. This makes it very easy to imagine what Egyptian houses look like.

How were laws made in Ancient Egypt?

The laws in Ancient Egypt are believed to have been made in a codified manner. This meant that anyone on authority could amend the law to suit a particular situation based on critical judgment.

Was Egypt direct rule or indirect?

Egypt was under direct rule in ancient times. This meant that it was not a colony that had a mother country dictating its laws and appointing political figures.

What did the serpent mean to the ancient Egyptians?

the serpent or the cobra to be exact, meant protection to the royal king of ancient Egypt . that,s why the cobra adorned the royal Egyptian crowns .

What is the meaning of pharaoh in ancient Egypt?

It meant "Great House" , but by the New Kingdom it meant "He of the sedge and the bee". The sedge and the bee stand for Upper and Lower Egypt. Other terms for that would be "King of Upper and Lower Egypt" and "King of Two Lands".1 1 Wikipedia source

Why do people get pineapple poisoning?

Apparently, eating an unripe pineapple can cause throat irritation, excessive diarrhea and severe vomiting. That might be what is meant by "pineapple poisoning".

A king in ancient Egypt?

their king was a Pharaoh he was the almighty ruler and his name meant big house (not the Pharaoh's name but the title Pharaoh)

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