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Hera is the Greek goddess of family.

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Q: What does the word hera mean?
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Who is the Greek god of the earth?

Gaiaif you mean Greek its Hera

Did Hera go by any other names?

Hera had many epithets and titles, including:Queen of HeavenQueen of the ImmortalsHera Aegophagus (goat-eater)Hera Akraia (of the height)Hera Alexandros (defender of men)Hera Ammo'niaHera Antheia (flowery)Hera Aphrodite (of Aphrodite)Hera Argeia (of Argos)Hera Argoia (of the ship Argo)Hera Ataurote (unbulled, i.e., virgin)Hera Basileia (queen)Hera Boopis (cow-eyed)Hera Bounaia (from a temple set up by Bounos)Hera Chera (widow)Hera Gamelia (of marriage)Hera Heniokhe (charioteer)Hera Hippia (of the horses)Hera Hyperkheiria (she whose hand is above)Hera Imbrasia (from the river Imbrasus)Hera Krusothronos (golden-throned)Hera Kypra (of Cupra)Hera Lakinia (of Lakinios)Hera Nympheuomene (betrothed bride)Hera Olympia (of Olympia)Hera Pais (girl)Hera Parthenia (maiden)Hera PelasgisHera Pharygaea (of Pharygaia)Hera Prodromia (of the pioneer)Hera Samia (of Samos)Hera Sikelia (of Sicily)Hera TelchiniaHera Teleia (full-grown)Hera Zygia (yoked, i.e., married)Source:

Why is Hera the Greek goddess good?

Hera is not good, she's mean and always jealous of Zeus and his many mortal wives? this is both true and untrue. Homer portrays Hera this way because he was mistreated by a mean and shrewed wife. However, Hera is actually a very majestic and solom woman. The Greeks believed that she was the ONLY goddess that stayed with a woman all her life. Hera herself helps signify and represnt the fact the EVERYONE has both light and darkness inside them.

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Who is Hera similar to?

Hera is similar to Aphrodite in beauty.

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