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What effect will each of the physical features have on the development of ancient Egypt as an early civilization?

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Q: What effect will each of the physical features have on the development of ancient Egypt as an early civilization?
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What civilization admired the human mind?

The civilization that admired the human mind and strongly supported its development is the ancient Greek civilization

How might you persuade someone of the importance of the geographical features of ancient grece?

The geographical features of ancient Greece, such as mountains and islands, influenced the culture, economy, and history of the region. These features shaped the development of city-states, facilitated trade and colonization, and contributed to the distinctiveness of Greek art and architecture. Understanding these features is essential for appreciating the Greek civilization's achievements and its impact on Western civilization.

What factors led to the development of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia?

favorable geography

Describe some of the physical features of the ancient Aztec?

Some physical features in ancient aztec were described as mountainous, hot, humid and climate was cool and hot humid

What are ancient greece's physical and cultural features?


How did India's land shape the development of there civilization?

How did ancient indias land shape its civalization

Which ancient civilization concentrated on the development of the arts architecture and literature?

The ancient civilisation which was most famous for arts, architecture and literature was ancient Greece, especially ancient Athens.

Predict how the location of the Himalayas as well as their height affected the development of civilization in Ancient India?


What were physical features are near ancient kusk?

If you mean Ancient Kush, that was a civilization that lived about 1700-1500 BC, along the Nile river in what is now Sudan. At that time, and now this area, South of Aswan, was a desolate landscape. This worked in protecting these people as a natural defence.

How did religion and philosophy influence ancient societies?

What contributions did Indo-European peoples make to the development of Western Civilization during the ancient world

How is the Greek development system of measurement using sun measurements important to ancient civilization?

The basis for a calendar.

The is to ancient Indian civilization what the nile river is to ancient Egyptian civilization?

The Indus River is to ancient Indian civilization what the Nile River is to ancient Egyptian civilization.