What is Andromeda's nickname?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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M31 or Messier 31 after Charles Messier who cataloged it.

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Nickname? Why should she have a nickname?

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Q: What is Andromeda's nickname?
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Who was Andromedas ex-boyfriend?

In Greek myth Andromeda was bethorthed to Phineus.

How to Care for Japanese Andromeda shrub?

Andromedas require ericacious conditions. They will not tolerate lime.

What is the shape of andromedas constellation?

The Andromeda constellation takes the rough shape of the English alphabet letter "A."

What is Andromedas goddess?

Andromeda was not a Greek goddess, she was a mortal princess of Eithiopia and later wife of Perseus and queen of Mycenae.

What is Andromedas rotational period?

The rotational period of the Andromeda Galaxy is estimated to be around 1 billion years. The exact time can vary depending on the specific region of the galaxy being measured.

What was Andromedas roman name?

The Romans retained the Greek name. They did not create a Latin equivalent. In Greek mythology Adromeda was an Ethiopian princess rescued from a monster by her future husband Perseus. The Romans gave this name to the constellation which still bears this name

What is andromedas purpose?

Andromeda is a galaxy like the Milky Way (the galaxy we are in). Andromeda is the closest major galaxy to our own, and eventually will collide with our galaxy. This is not something we need to worry about however, because our earth will be long gone before the galaxies collide.

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