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First off, Kronos didn't wield a scythe, he carried a sickle, which is a whole different thing.

Second, it was made of nothing, because it doesn't exist.

If you insist on being that specific, though, it's reasonable to say that to the most ancient Greeks, it would have been made of stone, and later bronze, which was the hardest metal they knew how to forge into weapons. Later, it would have been envisioned as iron or steel, based on the technology of the time.

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Q: What is Kronos' scythe made out of?
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What type of Beyblade is scythe kronos?

Scythe Kronos is a Stamina type beyblade with incredible power

What was Kronos weapon?

Kronos's weapon was either a sickle or a scythe

What was kronos's weapon?

Kronos's weapon was either a sickle or a scythe

What are symbols of kronos the titan?

A Scythe

Is scythe kronos the best Beyblade?

No one knows what beyblade is the best but I'd probably say scythe Kronos is my pick! :D

What is Kronos's scythe?

Kronos's scythe was given to him by his mother, Gaia, which he would then use it to chop up his father. Typically a scythe was used for cutting grain and is not like a sword. When Luke became Kronos in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, the scythe was remade and was named Backbiter, because it can harm halfbloods and mortals as the blade is half celestial bronze and half tempered steel.

How did kronos punish his father?

Kronos' mother, Gaea, made him a scythe (sickle) with which to chop up his dad. Gaea was angry with her husband Uranus because he had sent some of her sons (the Cyclopes and Hundred-Handed Ones) down into Tartarus, the deepest, darkest part of the Underworld. Kronos chopped off bits of Uranus with the scythe, and became ruler of the universe.

What is a scythe used for?

it is used for farming and in Greek myths, Kronos used it to kill his father.

Why does kronos eat his kids?

He didnt want to be overthrown by his own children so he ate them.Zeus escaped and at the end he chops up Kronos with his own scythe.

What is on the bracelet Silena has in Percy Jackson?

It's a scythe charm so she can be a traitor and tell Kronos Percy's plans. Though she made this bad choice, she sacrified her life to make things right.

How did Zeus get his power and why?

kronos ate all his children except the youngest, zues because another titan gave him a rock instead. zues grew up and fed kronos a mixture to make him throw up the other olympians(who are immortal) and zeus chopped kronos into a thousand peices with his own scythe, so they made zues the king of the gods

Did cronus have a weakness?

Kronos carried around a scythe that weakens you on contact. Even he couldn't withstand the powers of his scythe, and Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades used it to cut him in little pieces then banished him to the deepest pits of Tartarus.