What is a cloisonne?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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cloisonne are enamel colors separated by metal threads on a metal base.

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An ancient technique for decorating metalwork.

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Q: What is a cloisonne?
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Where can one learn cloisonne techniques?

Cloisonne techniques are taught and developed in Asia, in particular Japan. Western schools of art and design, as well as jeweler apprenticeships, may also offer instruction.

What is a style of enamel work when different colours are separated by wire?


How do you identify cloisonne plate?

The simplest way is by touch. Cloisonne is the process in which enamel is "laid" into a piece by dividing it with gold wire. The process is then fired, and the result is the brilliant colors and delicate gold tracing. This process also produces an extremely fine mosaic effect which can be felt. The transfer method does not have the tiny mosaic feel, it is perfectly smooth and the cloisonne is not.

What is the Sutton Hoo purse cover made of?

gold, garnets and cloisonne enamel

What is the value of a DU 75th anniversary federal migratory waterfowl Cloisonne stamp collection 1934 to 2008?

value od a 70th edition of ducks unlimited cloisonne framed stamp collection 1936 -1999

What is the value of the US Migratory waterfowl cloisonne pin collection?

100 to 150 dollars

How much does a Cloisonne vase cost?

Cloisonne vases can cost anywhere from $30 to far over $500. A nice one is worth a lot more, usually because they are handcrafted, but there are far cheaper, more simple options that will work in your home or apartment.

Where can you find a replacement pin for the north American waterfowl cloisonne pin collection?

in a chicken coop

Where can you found the price of cloisonne beads?

The price of cloisonne beads can be located in several locations. The first place you should check is local bead shops in your area. One can find the address or telephone number of these local merchants by consulting their local Yellow Pages.

What is the best way to clean Cloisonne jewelry?

Cloisonne jewelry is best cleaned through a light dusting first to remove any dust. Then, using a jewelry cleaner, gently clean using a soft cloth. Use a dry cloth after to wipe dry.

How much is a 1910 hand held Cloisonne Mirror worth?

How much is a 1910 hand held cloisonné mirror worth

Donald J Handel graphic artist illustrator enamel cloisonne copper plates Can anyone yield info on Donald J Handel B1936 D 2002 thanks Mdabramowitzfinearts?

I own several pieces I purchased from Donald Handel when he showed his cloisonne art work at the Tempe Art Fair in the 1980's. Beautiful work that features mythological themes! I have Dionysius, Tristan and Isolde, a Deer-Human figure work, and Athena.