What is a council of elders?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Oldest members of Community commomly consulted to advise or make decisions.

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Q: What is a council of elders?
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Did Athens or Sparta have the Council of Elders?

Sparta was an aristocracy that had a Council of Elders. Athens was a democracy. It had a council too, of 500 men over 30 years old.

How does anishinabe make a decisions?

chiefs,the grand council, council of elders

How do you get in the council of elders in Sparta?

when you finish the military

What is the collective noun of elders?

There is no specific collective noun for elders, in which case a noun that is appropriate for the situation is used; for example a council of elders, a committee of elders, a meeting of elders, etc.

Roman kings council of elders?

The kings council of elders is called a senate. They are actually currently still in place in the republican empire.

What authority did the Sanhedrins have?

The Sanhedrin was the Jewish council of elders.

Who has Creon assembled at the beginning of the scens?

council of elders

What is the definition of Gerosia?

The Gerousia was the Spartan council of Elders.

Why was The Giver so bitter about the council of elders?

The Giver was bitter about the Council of Elders because they controlled the community by suppressing emotions and individuality, preventing people from experiencing the full range of human experiences. The Council's strict rules and control over the community's memories made The Giver resentful of their power and influence.

Who is in charge of the ceremonies in the giver?

The Council of Elders are in charge of the ceremonies.

What group had the most power in Sparta?

oligarchys or the council of elders

How were the council of elders and assembly different?

The Spartan assembly comprised the male citizens. The council (Gerousia) of 30 elders conducted normal business and placed important matters before the assembly for decisions.