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A good site for Greek Mythology is

Just got to "Events" or "Education" after your on the website

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Q: What is a good website for Greek mythology?
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Where can you read about Greek mythology?

Try reading some of the epics, like Homer's Odyssey and the Iliad. Another good book on Greek mythology is Edith Hamilton's Mythology. See 'related links' for a good website on mythology.

Ancient greek mythology in Dallas Texas?

See Website(s): Dallas, TX and "Greek Mythology"

Why is Rick Riordan so good at Greek Mythology?

because he goes on the internet and reads books on greek mythology

Who is the god of good will in Greek mythology?


Where is a good website to learn about mythology?

Any website is a good website is perfect to learn about mythology. For example right here is perfect. answers any question you might have. Even mythology

Why is hope considered to be evil in Greek mythology?

Um, who told you that? Hope was a good thing in Greek mythology as far as I know!

What is the greek god Zeus responsible for?

Zeus is the good of the sky in Greek mythology

What is a good website to find myths from Greek mythology?

The Wikipedia pages on some Greek myths are fairly detailed. The Classical Studies departments of some universities also have online archives of myths.

What are good greek mythology sites?

Attached link is a fairly good one.

Is Hermes a good greek god?

Hermes is the god of travelers, and yes he is good. According to Greek Mythology, all gods are good.

What is a good Greek mythology book with illustrations?

Usborne Illustrated Guide to Greek Myths and Legends

Do you capitalize Greek mythology?

Capitalize only the G i n Greek but not the mythology. It should be Greek mythology.