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After the weaving contest the goddess Athena slashed Arachne's face and Arachne turned into a spider. Because of this Arachne is normally depicted as a scarred weaver or a spider.

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Q: What is a physical description for the greek goddess arachne?
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Who is the Greek god or goddess of spiders?


Who was the Greek goddess of the loom?

Athena. She punished Arachne for her pride with loom spinning.

Which goddess did the Romans believe to be Arachne's patron?

The legend of Arachne was Greek, not Roman. She did not have a goddess who was her patron. She was challenged into a weaving contest by Athena because she claimed that her weaving skills were better than hers. This got Athena's annoyed. The Roman poet Ovid wrote a version of this Greek myth in which he used the name Pallas Athene, another Greek name for Athena. In his version, Arachne beat the goddess. Pallas Athene struck Arachne on the forehead three or four times. Arachne could not bear this and she hung herself. Pallas Athene brought her back to life, but, as a punishment, transformed her into a spider so that she and her descendants could spin spider webs. The Roman equivalent of Athena was Minerva.

Did the goddess Athena comit any crimes?

Every god and goddess in Greek mythology had their faults. Athena embarassed Arachne for claiming that she was better than Athena at weaving . Arachne was so ashamed that she hung herself. Athena took pity on her and turned her into a spider.

Who was the ill-fated weaver of myth?

The ill-fated weaver of myth was Arachne. In Greek mythology, she challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest and was transformed into a spider as punishment for her hubris.

What is the setting of Arachne?

The setting of the Greek myth of Arachne is primarily in ancient Greece, specifically in the region of Lydia. It takes place in various locations such as Arachne's home, the temple of Athena, and the divine realm where the goddess Athena resides. The story also involves a weaving contest between Arachne and Athena on Mount Olympus.

What did arachne do for a living in greek mythologies?

Arachne was a mortal weaver.

Why was Arachne turned into a spider?

In Greek mythology, Arachne was a talented weaver who challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest and ultimately won. Angered by her arrogance, Athena turned Arachne into a spider as punishment, allowing her to continue weaving beautiful tapestries but forever as a spider.

What is the name of the greek god who became the first spider?

She wasn't a greek god, just a mortal woman named Arachne with incredible weaving skills. She boasted that she was better than Athena, the goddess of the loom (and many other things). Athena herself came down to prove Arachne wrong. When Arachne was finished with her piece, Athena was actually kind of jealous. Naturally, she got angry and turned Arachne into the first spider. Ta-da!

What is the name for the Greek spider queen?


What is a modern day myth of the greek goddess Athena?

Athena (Greek mythology) goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare; guardian of Athens; identified with Roman Minerva. There is no modern myth about this Goddess. One of the old myths though, is how she turned a woman named arachne into a spider and that's where spiders came from. There's a whole story behind it.

How do you describe the greek goddess Pandora?

Pandora was not a Greek goddess, but a mortal woman. Anyway, she was a young lady, probably about 20. She had an inquisitive nature, and physical features are unknown.