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Senusret ruled in the middle kingdom.

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Q: What is a sentence for middle kingdom?
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What statements apply to the middle kingdom?


Where is middle kingdom?

In the middle.

Where was the capital of Egypt in the middle kingdom?

The middle kingdom's capital was Thebes

Did Queen Hatshepsut rule in the middle kingdom?

kinda.....actually at the end of the first kingdom to the start of middle kingdom --actually, she ruled at the beginning of the New Kingdom, which directly followed the Middle Kingdom.

What kingdom did mentuhoteps?

The middle kingdom

Who was a pharaoh during middle kingdom?

The pharaoh in the middle kingdom was King Hammurabi

Did King Tutankhamun live in the New kingdom times or the Middle kingdom times or the Old kingdom times?

King Tut was in the New Kingdom.

How can you use middle in a sentence?

I am in the middle of a sentence.

What was the capital of middle kingdom and old kingdom?

old-memphis middle and new-thebes

What is the middle Kingdom pharaoh known as the great?

What is the middle kingdom pjaraoh known as the great

What kingdom was order and stability?

The Middle Kingdom

What kingdom did mentuhotep rule?

The middle kingdom