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its empire

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Q: What is a union of several peoples under one ruler?
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Union of several peoples under one ruler?

empire is the awnser

Union of several people under one ruler is called?

empire or a union

What do you call a union of several peoples under one ruler?

A group of different peoples that are ruled by one ruler or by one government can be called many things. Ancient Rome ruled over such a diverse groups of peoples and ancient Rome is called an empire. This was the case with Great Britain until the end of WW 2. India, various island nations and such, like Ireland were all part of the British empire. In other situations a group of diverse peoples are in a nation and are ruled by a government. A case can be made that the US government rules a large number of different peoples. Most of the time, however, that term is not used.

What was the name of the ruler in the Soviet Union?

The ruler of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin in 1941.

When was Dutch Peoples-Union created?

Dutch Peoples-Union was created in 1971.

When was Union of the Peoples of Cameroon created?

Union of the Peoples of Cameroon was created in 1948.

When did Scotland first become recognisable under one ruler?

Scotland didn't become recognisable under one ruler - it was recognisable in it's own right for a considerable period beofre this. However, the Union of the Crowns occurred on the death of Elizabeth I in England this is when James VI of Scotland also became James I of England. The Union of The Crowns occurred in 1603

Who are North Korea's friends?

The Democratic peoples republic of Korea, Peoples republic of China, Soviet Union

What is a ruler of the Soviet Union called?

President of the Russian Federation .

What country was Joseph Stalin a ruler of?

The USSR or Soviet Union.

Who was invovled in the Soviet Union?

The Soviet Union was created by the Bolsheviks, run by a peoples communist party.

Where did the dragonuv come from?

The Dragunov SVD came from the Soviet Union. It was manufactured in several Soviet republics, the Peoples' Republic of China (as the NMD-86), and in Serbia (formerly one of the republics of Yugoslavia).