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What is mesopotamias highest elevation?

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Q: What is ancient Mesopotamia's elevation?
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What is the elevation zones of Ancient Greece?

the elevation of ancient Greece is 2200 feet

What is mesopotamias climate?

In the tropical climate zone.

What is the King of Mesopotamias name?

sargon... i think. =]

What is Mesopotamias most popular place?


What is Mesopotamias most important city?


Who are Mesopotamia's trading partners?

who were mesopotamias trading partners?

Mesopotamias most important city?

the name of it is UR

Who were mesopotamias temples for?

Mesopotamia temples were for the gods that Mesopotamia worshipped.

What did the Mesopotamias slaves do?

They worked in the farms, the households and on public works.

How did mesopotamias water their crops?

They used the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

How did mesopotamias geography influence the societies that developed in the region?

your daughter

Which part of ancient Egypt is higher in elevation north or south?

The South