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There were diff rent kinds of social structures in ancient Greece here is Athens though form greatest to leas

Athens social structure



me tics



Sparta social structure

spartiates or homoio


helots or slaves

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In descending order, rich male citizens, poorer male citizens, foreign residents, women, slaves.

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Q: What is ancient greek social structure?
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What is the ancient Greek social structure?

Social structure is buildings and statues also communicating with people na dhaving sex in public areas.

What was the social structure for the ancient Athans people?

-Latin was the social structure for the ancient Athens people.

What city-state had a ridge social structure?

Sparta was a city-state in ancient Greece. One of the things it's well-known for is its rigid social structure. The main religion practiced in Sparta was Greek Polytheism.

What was the ancient Hebrew social structure?

they did not really have one

What has the author Joseph Michael Bryant written?

Joseph Michael Bryant has written: 'Moral codes social structure in Ancient Greece: a study on the social origins of Greek ethics from Homer to the Epicureans and Stoics'

What ancient Greek structure could hold up to 14000 people?

What structure in ancient Greece could hold 14000 people

Did ancient Sumerians have a social structure?

Sure. Any group of people has a social structure. Your family has one, so does your school.

Did Ancient Greek Invented Planes?

Yes, Ancient Greek did Invented Plane's you could find it in your Social Studies Book

What was ancient songhai's social structure?

based on a person with a person

What is ancient israelites social structure?

Kind of complicated and hard to describe. Ancient Israel's social structure consisted of several classes,each of which played a key role in it's growth and development.

Who is on top of the ancient Greece social structure?

The very top is the Ruler.

The ancient Vedas outlined a social structure that?

A high level of living