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Another name for Amenhotep was Akhenaten

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charles the third

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Q: What is another name for amenhotep?
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Why did Amenhotep change his name?

Amenhotep changed his name when he excepted the belief in one supreme being. The name Amenhotep derives from the Egyptian god amon.

Name for amenhotep?

The awnser is Akenaten

What did Amenhotep change his name to?

He changed his name to Akhenton.

Who was the father of the Egyptian king?

Amenhotep was an ancient Egyptian name. Its notable bearers were: Amenhotep I, Amenhotep II, Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten). The first Amenhotep was the second Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. His reign is generally dated from 1526 to 1506 BC. That dynasty was related to the Hebrew exodus.

Who was Amenhotep's wife?

The wife of Amenhotep I was Ahmose-Meritamon. The wife of Amenhotep II was Tiaa. The wives of Amenhotep III were Tiye, Gilukhepa, and Tadukhepa, and the wives of Amenhotep IV were Nefertiti, Kiya, Meritaten, Ankhesenamun. He was also married to one of his sisters, but her name is not known.

A famous Egyptian king?

Tutankhamun was one. Ramses was another. Amenhotep was yet another.

Who did Amenhotep III take as his wife?

Tiye was her name.

What name did Amenhotep's IV give himself?


What is the shortend name of the pharaoh who succeeded Amenhotep?


What is the definition of Amenhotep?

If you mean "What is the meaning of the name Amenhotep?", it is the modern version of the ancient Egyptian imn-htp, which means "Amun is content".

What was the shortened name of the pharaoh who succeeded amenhotep?


What new name did Amenhotep's Iv give himself?