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Lotus was a flower. When you ate it you forgot all your memories. In The Odyssey Book 9, Ulysses loses some of his men when the Lotus Eaters give them the plant to eat.

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Q: What is lotus in the Greek mythology?
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Fruit which induced forgetfulness in Greek mythology?

the lotus fruit

A fruit in greek mythology said to cause forgetfulness?


Which Flower name in Greek Mythology means sleep in peaceful apathy?


Is the lotus casino really in greek mythology?

No it was not, this was just in the movie, however, there were people who were called the lotus eaters who lured people to their island, and when they were there, they would never wanted to leave. As Percy Jackson is a modern story about Greek Mythology i guess they modernized the Lotus Eater's island to the Lotus casino, the place that lured people so that they never wanted to leave

What is the land of the lotus?

In Greek mythology, this could refer to the land of the lotus eater, an island where the inhabitants are peaceful and eat lotus all day. Odysseus visits this island on his return home from Troy, in the Odyssey.

What does a lotus eater mean in Greek mythology?

Lotus Eaters were the people who lured others to their land, and the land had such enchantements, that the people that were lured did not want to leave. They were served lotus juice, and just wanted more

In Greek mythology a fruit which induced forgetfulness?

In Homer's Odyssey the lotus tree fruit causes a pleasant drowsiness. The Lotus-eater or Lotophagi would only eat lotus and when they did they would forget about friends and family and desire to live in idleness.

What was weird about lotus hotel?

The Lotus Hotel in Greek mythology had the ability to make people lose track of time and stay there for days without realizing it. Guests were enchanted by the hotel's magic, which made it difficult for them to leave.

Who does annabeth know a lot about the lotus flower in las Vegas lotus casino?

Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Therefore, and it is proven in the books, Annabeth reads a lot. As she would also be true to her Greek heritage, Annabeth would have doubtlessly read many books on Greek mythology, and know about the people of the Lotus from Greek times. Additionally, Chiron could have taught her about the people of the Lotus. She doesn't know that the Lotus Casino has a correlation the ancient people of the Lotus. However, once she "snaps out of her trance", her brain goes into overdrive and she realizes what happened.

Do you capitalize Greek mythology?

Capitalize only the G i n Greek but not the mythology. It should be Greek mythology.

Who is Eric in greek mythology?

There is no Eric in Greek mythology.

Who is boltar from Greek mythology?

Boltar is not from Greek mythology.