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Patron of: the dead, funerals, the house, and women.

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Nephthys was the goddess of the dark and all things in it she is also the goddess of birds but she was over shadowed by her twin sister Isis.

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Q: What is nephthys the goddess of?
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How old was nephthys?

Nephthys is a goddess; ageless.

How did Nephthys die?

Nephthys never died, she was however a goddess of the dead.

How did nephthys become a god?

Nephthys was born a goddess. She is the daughter of Nut the sky goddess and Geb the earth god.

Who was the Egyptian goddess of death?


Where was Nephthys born?

She was an ancient goddess of Egypt. She was the goddess of death and rivers.

How long did nephthys live for?

Nephthys is a immortal Egyptian goddess, who can not die in Ancient Egyptian religion.

When did Nephthys become a goddess?

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Where is the goddess Nephtys from?

Egyptian Mythology. Nephthys is the goddess of rivers and the wife/sister of Set.

Who is seth and nephthys children?

In Egyptian mythology, Set and Nephthys did not have children together. Set's consort was usually considered to be the goddess Nephthys, but they did not have any offspring together.

What is Nephthys goddess of?

Patron of: the dead, funerals, the house, and women.

What is Nepthys is the goddess of?

Nephthys was a protective goddess of the dead, often shown on coffins and funeral scenes

What was nephthys goddess of?

Nephthys was an Egyptian goddess. She did not receive temple worship until Ptolemalic Roman Egypt. She was the little sister of Isis and Osirus and sister/consort to Seth. She was the mother to Anubis, the Lord of the Dead. She was seen as the "friend of the dead." Her hair was, metaphorically the winding strips of linen that wrapped the mummies. Nephthys and Isis worked together as midwives for laboring women and their chlldren, respectively,Nephthys at the head of the labor bed and Isis at the foot. "Nephthys" was possibly a title meaning "keeper of the house". She was symbolized as a woman with a house and basket on her head.