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A city had farmland to support the people, a high fortress (acropolis) as a refuge if attacked, and a city which grew up around the acropolis. They also needed fresh water supply and a fishery for extra protein.

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Most Greek city states were devoted to politics and the arts, but Sparta was more focused on a military life style because they had many rebellions

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Q: What is one characteristic of many communities in the ancient Greece?
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What is one Characteristic of many community's in ancient Greece?

They worshipped the gods of Olympus.What is one characteristic of many communities in acient Greese

What is one characteristic of communities in ancient Greece?

Loyalty, because even though they were through many wars the Greeks still stayed _loyal_ to their country. (correct me if I'm wrong)

How were the people of ancient Greece affected by the the geography of their homeland?

the difficulty of transportation led to the creation of many isolated communities.

What are three ways that the people in Ancient Greece were affected by their geography?

the difficulty of transportation led to the creation of many isolated communities.

What is the political difference between ancient Greece and ancient Rome?

There were several differences, but in my opinion the most significant was the lack of a central authority in ancient Greece as opposed to ancient Rome. Greece was a rather loose association of city-states and leagues, constantly quarreling among themselves and prone to shifting alliances. It was many small communities tied together only by a common heritage, whereas Rome was many different communities which were held together to make one big community.

What was ancient Greece broken up into?

Ancient greece was divided into isolated communities because of the mountains in Greece. Over 70% of Greece is mountains, and the mountains made communication between cities hard. This blocked the exchange of ideas, which resulted in all of the cities having different societies, governments, and values

What country is Ancient Greece in?

The many city states of Ancient Greece is basically where modern Greece is.

How many gods and goddesses in ancient greece?

There were 37 gods & goddesses in Ancient Greece

Where was the ancient Greece standium in Greece?

There were many standiums in ancient Greece, not a single one..many of them exist today, such as Epidavrus,Panathinean Stadium in Athens and many more...

How are modern and ancient Greece the same?

Modern Greece have many cultures and festival traditions which had also occured in Ancient Greece.

What did they do in the ancient Greece?

If you want to find out almost anything about Ancient Greece, go to the box next to answers, type in Ancient Greece, then press GO. Many facts about many topics on Ancient Greece will come up an hopefully you will find your answer in the text that it offers. There are many paragraphs of information given.

Why were many people in ancient Greece traders or ship builders?

25. Why were many people in ancient Greece traders or ship builders?