What is pericles full name?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Pericles' full name was Pericles, son of Xanthippus. He was an ancient Greek statesman and a general in Athens. He was born around 495 BC and died in 429 BC.

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Q: What is pericles full name?
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What is the first name of Pericles?

Pericles IS his first name

Did Pericles have a last name?

If your question is about the Athenian general of 5th century B.C., Pericles (and ancient Greeks in general) used their father's name as their last name. Since Pericles's father was called Xanthippus and his grandfather from his mother's side was called Alcmeonidas, his full name would be: Pericles Xanthippus of the Alcmeonidae family. As general information, Greek names have meanings: Pericles= Surrounded by glory Xanthippus=Blond Horse Alexander=Protector/Defender of Men and so on.... Hope this helps.

Definition of pericles?

Pericles is a man's name. He is a character in Greek Myth and in the Shakespearean play Pericles.

Who was pericles parents?

Pericles mother's name was Agariste. She was of noble birth from the family of the Alcmaeonidae.

What is the common name for Papilio Pericles?

swallowtail butterfly

Who was the athenian leader?

His name was Pericles

What is the the name of Pericles' famous speech?

Funeral Oration.

What is another name for the age of Pericles?

The Classical Age

In three shakesphere plays what was the name of a hero?

The hero of Coriolanus is Coriolanus. The hero of Pericles is Pericles. The hero of Henry V is Henry V.

Why did pericles die?

Pericles died from the plague.

What is the birth name of Periklis Korovesis?

Periklis Korovesis's birth name is Pericles Elias Korovessis.

Why is Pericles remembered today and how?

Pericles is remembered today because his name has become synonymous with thePeloponnesian war, fifth century Greece, Classical Athens and Anthenian democracy