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Q: What is the Greek goddess Hera's interaction with humans?
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What was Heras position in society?

Hera was the Greek goddess of family.

When is the Greek goddess Heras Birthday?

The Greek gods and goddesses did not have birthdays.

What group did the Greek goddess Heras oversee?

Hera was the goddess of childbirth, and the patron goddess of the pomegranite (for all you 'super fruit' fans out there). Pomegranites have lots of seeds, symbolising fertility.

Who was heras spouse?


What was heras realm?

The goddess Hera, her realm was the domains of marriage and majesty.

What is Heras symbols?

In the Greek mythology, Hera was the goddess of Marriage. Her symbol are the diadem, scepter, pomegranate; the fruit symbol of fertility. Her flower is the lily and her sacred animals were the peacock and crow.

What are one of Heras powers?

the queen of goddesses and goddess of marriage.

What is the pronoun for Nike?

The pronoun that takes the place of the proper noun 'Nike', the Greek goddess of victory, is she as a subject and heras an object in a sentence.The pronoun that takes the place of the proper noun 'Nike', the shoe company is it.

What is heras greek name?

Hera is the Greek name of the Queen of Heaven, sister wife of Zeus.

What is heras talent?

she can kill any of the gods or goddess that the wants because she is amrried to zues and he protects her

What are the Greek gods and goddesses known as?

Zeus and Heras reign is called the 'Olympians'

What where hera's children called?

Heras children were Ares, (god of war), Hebe, (godess of youth), Eris, (goddess of discord), Eileithyia, (goddess of childbirth), Hephaestus, (the blacksmith god).