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what was the climax

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Q: What is the climax of Jason and the Golden Fleece?
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Why does Jason seek the golden flleece?

Jason seek the golden fleece beacause he wanted what the fleece does

Jason and the argonauts searched for the golden?

The Golden Fleece. Wherever it was hanged, the land flourished.

In 'Jason and the Argonauts' what is the golden fleece?

The golden fleece of the winged ram which Jason and his fellow Argonauts searched and fought for.

What was Jason's quest?

Jason was sent with the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece.

Who lead argonauts to golden fleece?

Jason, the Greek hero, led the Argonauts on the quest to find the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece was a symbol of authority and kingship, and Jason sought it to reclaim his rightful throne.

In Jason and the Quest of the Golden Fleece what was Jason after in his quest?

Jason was trying to regain the kingdom that had been taken from his father by a cousin.The cousin agreed to give it back if Jason could bring him the Golden Fleece. Jason loved adventure, and set off in his ship, the Argo, to find the Fleece.

Jason and the Argnauts searched for the Golden what?

The Golden Fleece

What was Jason after in his quest?

The Golden Fleece

He set out to get the golden fleece?


What were Jason and the argonauts after?

The Golden Fleece

Who went to look for the golden fleece?

Jason and his band of Argonauts set out to search for the Golden Fleece.

What are the settings of Jason and the golden fleece?

"Jason and the Golden Fleece" takes place in various locations including ancient Greece, the kingdom of Iolcus, and the land of Colchis. The story involves a journey by Jason and his crew on the ship Argo as they travel to retrieve the Golden Fleece.