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Q: What is the gateway to the inner section of an ancient Egyptian temple?
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What is the gateway of any Egyptian Temple called?


Gateway to inner section of Eygptian temple?


Monumental gateway to an Egyptian temple consisting of two tapering pyramidical towers?


Legendary temple of ancient Egypt known for its luxury?

The ancient Egyptian temple that was known for its luxury was Luxor Temple. The temple was built around 1400 BCE.

What is the purpose of the temple of head?

The Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid, Spain. It serves as a cultural monument and a symbol of the strong ties between Spain and Egypt. Visitors can learn about ancient Egyptian culture and history through its architecture and exhibitions.

What are some of Seti 1's accomplishments?

Why Seti I was famous: Building the Great Temple of Abydos, of Seti I and the Osirion (aka Osireion). ... The Osirion is a tomb, or shrine to the Ancient Egyptian god Osiris. ... Each section of this Ancient Egyptian website addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and ...

Where did ancient Egyptian cats live?

they are just regular cats but they meant almost goddesses to the ancient Egyptians

When is the earliest recorded use of gold?

It was first recorded in an ancient Egyptian Temple hundreds of years ago.

What did an ancient Egyptian priest have to do to enter a god's temple?

They had to be purified until he/she could perform his sacred duties.

What are battered walls of ancient Egyptian architect?

I think you mean to ask what were the typical battered walls of ancient Egyptian architecture? That sound right? I think you'll need to clarify first but if I'm right you're looking for the term 'pylon' (such as the sloping walls at the entrance to an ancient Egyptian temple)

Who is the ancient Egyptian moon god?

Khonsu: depicted as a child with a crescent moon headdress. The temple dedicated to him was located in the temple of the goddess Mut, his mother at Karnak

Why were Egyptian temples made?

The ancient Egyptians believed that temples were the homes of the gods and goddesses. Every temple was dedicated to a god or goddess and he or she was worshipped there by the temple priests and the Pharaoh.