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Gaea's weakness is having no water

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no water

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goes with out water

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Q: What is the goddess gaea weakness?
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What is gaea the greek goddess roman name?

The Greek goddess Gaea was identified with the Roman goddess Terra.

Gaea was the god of what?

Gaea was the Greek goddess of the earth and was married to Uranus.

What were gaea's responsibilities?

Gaea is the goddess of the earth, the earth and itself is of her nature.

Is greek god gaea a man?

No; Gaea is the feminine goddess of the Earth.

Is Hestia goddess of earth?

No, Gaea is. Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth.

Who was the Greek earth goddess?

Gaia (Gaea)

Is Gaea a god or goddess?

technically she is a Titaness

Who is Greek goddess Demeter's grandmother?


Who was Gaea and why was she important?

In Greek mythology, Gaea was the Earth goddess, the personification of the planet Earth as a goddess. Today, this is often used as a metaphor for the global ecosystem.

Which god is married to gaea a goddess?

Gaea is mother earth,shes married to the the sky god

What is the name of the Greek goddess of the earth?

Gaea was the goddess of the Earth in Greek Mythology

How was the goddess rhea born?

Gaea and Ouranus had intercourse.