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Q: What is the greek name for earth?
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What is earths greek name?

The offitial name for Earth in greek is Hera

Greek name for earth?

The Greek name for the planet Earth is Gi. The Latin name for Earth is Terrae and the Italian name is Terra.

What is the earth's greek name?

there was a titan that was mother earth and her name was geia

Who is greek god or goddess of the earth?

I believe the Greek Goddess's name is Gaia.

What greek god is the goddess of the earth?

Greek name: Demeter Roman name: Ceres

What is the name of the Greek goddess of the earth?

Gaea was the goddess of the Earth in Greek Mythology

What does Gaia mean for the greek name for earth?

Gaia is not the Greek name for the Earth per se, but is the goddess and personification of the earth; her name literally means land or earth. A better explanation is to use her Roman equivalent's name, Terra Mater - this translates to Mother Earth.

Why is Gaia another name for Earth?

Because Gaia is the Greek goddess personifying the Earth, the Greek version of "Mother Nature" or the Earth Mother.

What is the greek name for Gaea?

Gaea is the Greek name of the goddess personifying the earth. The Latin name being Terra/Tellus.

Who is a greek god whoes name starts with the letter c?

In Greek mythology Chaos was the Greek god who created earth. His name begins with the letter C.

What is a Greek name that means earth that isn't Gaia?

Gi = Γη = Earth

What is the greek name of earth?

Γη [Ghee]