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Ananda Vikatan was founded by Vikatakavi Budhur Vaidyanatha Iyer which was very much Published in Golden Jubliee issue of Anantha Vikatan . He was a great Hillaorous poet which earned the name Vikatakavi where he created Venbhas and got many Laurels to is credit the most strenuous and nightmare for the Tamil poets.He is an "Dhasa Avathini" in Character where he simultaneously do ten task at a time by creating venbha. calculate mathematical calculation given at the spot ,( test of all with 5 senses) besides with Great Humanitarianism in all aspects. This is the fact about the Great poet who travelled many places like Burma, Singapore,Ceylon in those days to get life subscription for his creation "Anantha Vikatan" After transform to Thiru: Vasan the Anandha Vikatan he started many Tamil issue like Anantha Vijaya Vikatan,Vikata Chakram and so on which was not highlighted in present.

source from Grand Son Lingan Shankar

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Q: What is the history of ananda vikatan?
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