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Do NOT confuse with Iraq , which is an adjacent nation, with a common border with IRAN.

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Modern Iran is where Persia originated, but during its peek expansion Persian Empire included most of the Middle East and Asia Minor.

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Q: What is the modern name for ancient Persia?
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What name is mainly used on most maps Iran or Persia?

Whether Iran or Persia is likely to appear on a map depends on two things, the date the map is portraying, and the date the map is made. The name Iran is rather recent. Maps of ancient Persia use the name Persia. Maps from the 19th century are likely to say Persia. Modern maps of the modern land are unlikely to say Persia, and are likely to say Iran instead.

Is Persia a country or a state?

Persia was the old name of Iran.the correct term is Persia and it's the ancient name of Iran. Persian is the term used for people from Persia

What is the modern name of Persia?

Persia became known as modern day Iran.

What is the ancient country for modern Iraq and Iran?

Iraq and Iran were parts of Persia

Is ancient Persia in the east?

Well modern Day Iran is in the east. Ancient Persia was also but they conquered cities that were to their west and their kingdom stretched from palestine to allitle bit of Europe.

What do Persians have to do with Iran?

Iran is the modern name for Persia.

What modern country does the ancient and of Babylon lie in?

It's present day Iraq... and Persia is Iran...

What is the ancient name of Turkmenistan?

Turkestan is an ancient name for the Central Asian Turkic state of Turkmenistan.Specifically, the term traces its origins to the geographers of ancient Persia. But the term never was limited to either the ancient frontier or the modern borders of Turkmenistan. The term actually referred to the lands of all Turkish peoples.

What was another name for Iraq in ancient times?

Persia or Babylon

Were Mesopotamia and Persia the same country?

Mesopotamia ('between the rivers') covers the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (modern day Iraq). Persia is to the east (modern day Iran).

Is Persia in India?

Ancient Persia was very big. Yes, part of it did extend into modern day India, but it was mostly in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

What is and ancient name for modern Iraq?

the ancient name was "Mesopotamia"