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Q: What is the name given to ancient Greek musical theater?
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Occasionally what were the ancient Greeks given to attend the theater?

they were given water

What were the ancient greek olnpic winners given?

The Greek athletes were given wreaths on their heads.

What are three things that ancient Greek culture has given modern culture?

Ancient Greece has given us democracy. They have also given us Theatre. Ancient Greece has also given us ideas in structural integrity.

What is the name given to an outdoor theatre in ancient greek times?

Ampitheatre x

What year did Aphrodite marry Hephaestus?

No such yearly date is given in ancient Greek myth.

What were Greek contributions to modern theater?

Greek theater has given us many things, and admittedly boredom was one of them. Greek shows went on for hours without stopping but it influenced the world around us now. It influenced stand-up comedy, the art of standing up alone in front of an audience was first done by the Greeks. Theater in genral. Greeks gave us audiences and acting with others on stage.

Why were eclipses given the name eclipses?

It can be traced back to an Ancient Greek word meaning "fail to appear".

What does a star Greek letter designation tell you that its ancient Arabic name doesn't?

The first letters of the Greek alphabet are usually given to the brightest stars in the constellation.

Did ancients Romans make money in theatre?

No. Most of the theater performance in ancient Rome had to do with religious festivals and were paid for by the sponsor of the games. (Religious festivals in ancient Rome were celebrated with theater, races, and other entertainment events, depending upon the festival) There were a few theater productions given independently, but they were paid for by a sponsor. The individual actors and mimes were paid, but very little.

What word is the greek for dog?

ΣΚΥΛΟΣ, σκύλος. The ancient Greek word is ΚΥΩΝ / κύων, Κύνες, which given birth to the word: Cynical (= doggish, doggish trait).

What were archons in greek mythology?

Archons are not from greek mythology. It is a title given to a wealthy person who participated in the early government of Greece.

What is a musical bar?

a musical bar is a segment of time defined by a given number of beats of a given duration.