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Cuirass was the most common ancient chest-armor, especially from the Spartans. Typically bronze.

The NAME was THORAX in Greek,not curiass-that is English

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in Greek periknimides

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Q: What is the name of greek chest armor?
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What did a knight wear on his chest?

Armor. A knight in shining ARMOR.

Is there a Greek god of armor?

Hephaestus could be considered the Greek god of armor, since he works in the forges and makes armor and weapons.

Can you get daedric armor in a chest?

Sorry you can't because it is the rarest armor in the game, besides dragon armor and you can only craft it

What was common armor for jousting horses?

A faceplate & chest plate.

What kind of armor did Athens in greek use?

they wore underwear over there armor

Who had the better armor the greek are the Persian?

Persian armor was 10X more advanced

What armor can you make in Minecraft?

Helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots.

How do you get the sanctifed armor on AQW?

You Have to open Twilly"s treasure chest

What did the greek Athena wear?

battle armor

Where do you find spencers armor in my sims kingdom?

The armor is scattered on all the islands, in the water, in a treasure chest, in the ground, basicly anywhere

What sort of armor did Greek soldiers wear?

The main armour of the greek heavy soldier (hoplite) was a spear, a helmet and a shield. After that if you could afforded it, you could have it. Bronze chestplates, greaves (leg protectors) bronze arm protectors etc.

What did a knight wear on his chest . why?

Some knights began to put plates of metal over vital parts of their bodies for added protection. Soon they were completely covered in plate armor and they stoppedwearingchain mail. By the 1400s most knights were wearingfull plate armor. ... Many pieces of the armor had a unique name.