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A coelacanth.

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Q: What is the name of the ancient fish with four legs that can still be found today?
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What animal lived in the past and still lives now?

I believe the answer is a coelacanth. An ancient fish known long ago in the prehestoric times, it was thought to be extinct, but lo and behold, this fish was pulled out of water, and more still exist today. I hope that's what you were looking for.

What is the Fish that lived with dinosaurs and is still alive today near Madagascar?

the fish is coelocanth

Is the fera still placed today?

Coregonus fera, is a type of fresh water fish which is presumed extinct (this is disputed by some). The fish was endemic to Lake Geneva in Switzerland, and was still around in 1950, but unable to be found by 1958. Some fish of the Coregonus genus are referred to as fera, but they are not true fera.

Is a lamprey a amphibians?

No, a lamprey is not an amphibian. A lamprey is a fish, more specifically a jawless fish. It is one of the earliest forms of fish that is still alive today.

Does lipsticks today still contain fish scales?

only the cheap stuff does nowadays

What are the 5 differences between the ancient telephone?

Since the question does not specify what the ancient telephone with, I shall compare it to a fish. The 5 differences between an ancient telephone and a fish are: The ancient telephone was a man-made device, the fish is not. The ancient telephone was used for communication, the fish is not. The ancient telephone can survive longer outside of water, a fish cannot. The ancient telephone was not alive, a fish is. The ancient telephone had a mouthpiece, a fish has a mouth.

What is the scientific name of a jawless fish?

Jawless fish are Phylum Chordata, they are also known as paraphyletic, they still are around today.

Is the FISH magazine still around on club penguin if so where is it found?

It is gone.

Could a prehistoric creature survive to this very day?

Many still do. Most reptiles, opossums, and many others. Crocodilians have been around since the dinosaurs, and even a fish, called the coelocanth, which was thought to be long extinct, was found to still exist today.

What ingredients do the Greeks still use today?

they still use olives, grapes, and fish. they also still use pork, and wine in their daily food and beverages.

What is the main nutrient found in fish bones?

fish meat is having good nutrual oil carbohydrates proteins and still more.

Did the poor fish in ancient Egypt?

There is no evidence to say that the poor of ancient Egypt did not fish.