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Q: What is the name of the greek god that is ugly?
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Who was the only ugly god?

The only ugly god in the Greek myths is Hepheastus, god of blacksmiths.

Who is the Lame And Ugly god of crafts?

Do you mean the Greek god? If you do its Hephastus

What did hepateus do as a greek god?

It's Hephaestus and he was the god of fire and artisans. He was ugly and lame and the protecter of smiths.

What was the Chimera god of?

the chimera wasnt a god, it was a beast, and, from what it says in the greek myths, a petty damn ugly one.

Who is the lame and ugly greek blacksmith god?

That would be Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, and volcanoes. Despite being depicted as lame and ugly in mythology, Hephaestus was known for his exceptional skills in metalworking and creating intricate pieces of art.

Greek name for the god of the ocean?

Poseidon was the Greek name for the god of the ocean.

What is the Greek root word for ugly?

The Greek root word for "ugly" is "cac-" or "kak-" which means bad or ugly in Greek.

What does Hephaestus symbolize as an ancient Greek god?

He is the god of blacksmiths, the forge, and fire. He was one of the very few ugly gods.

What was the second name for the Greek god Hades?

roman = Pluto greek =hades Your question makes little sense. The Greek name for the Greek god Hades is Hades. His Roman name is, as mentioned above, Pluto.

What is the symbol of Erebus Greek god of darkness?

Because what the symbols for erebus the greek god its like the symbols that we have and medusa and her sister look so very ugly

What Greek god power did Hephaestus have?

Hephaestus was a god of fire and blacksmiths: beyond this he was both immortal and ageless, despite his "ugly" features.

What is the greek god martius is the god of?

The Greek god Ares (Roman name: Mars) was the god of war.