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the last greek god to enter mount Olympus was dionysus who replaced hestia after she left

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Q: What is the nature of the Greek gods?
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What did Greek philosophers think gods were gods were?

Blessed persona of nature.

Where were greek gods believed to be housed?

In nature.

What did ancient Greek philosophers think gods were?

Blessed persona of nature.

How do the Greek gods conceal themselves?

The Greek gods typically turned into things having to do with nature - mist, mountains, trees, rivers - as the Greek gods and goddesses were born of nature (Gaea: Earth), but they could also become animals such as cows, deer, horses - which they were in some way connected with, or which were sacred to them.

According to greek religion the gods lived?

Yes: they dwelt around nature.

How do the personalities of Greek gods differ from those of Christian and Jewish gods?

There are many Greek gods and goddesses of nature (both of earth and human); there is only one God in Christian/Jewish belief.

What themes were in common in Greek tragedy?

Themes in greek tragedy are the nature of divinity and the relations of human beings to the gods.

Why did the greek myths have a god for every element?

Because the gods were born of Nature, and it was this Nature that ancient man had to keep peace with.

Where did the Greek gods live?

Twelve of them lived on Mount Olympus.There were twelve ruling gods and goddesses, and these lived upon Olympus or upon a heaven called after or above Olympus: nearly all the Greek gods and goddesses had a nature - they represented nature, or emotion, and dwelt on earth, in the sea, or heaven, all rivers were thought to be gods.

What do you know about greek gods?

The Greek gods were personifications of forces of nature and abstract ideals, like victory or sleep. They Greeks made the gods in their own image, giving them all-too-human personalities and traits (such as hubris, lust and jealousy).

Who is the greek god of dogs?

There was no god specifically for dogs. The Greek gods represented forces of nature of intangible concepts. They did not worship animals or totems.

How might greek gods and goddesses know how to do their job right?

When a Greek god or goddess is "god of it" it is not their job, it is their nature and domain: they can not do that "right" or "wrong".