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A Doric

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Q: What is the plain sturdy Greek column?
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What is column style?

There are three baisc styles of Greek column - The Corinthian capped with acanthus leaves, the Ionian capped with a stylised ram horns and the plain Doric.

Which word best describes a doric column?


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Does a greek doric column have a base?


What Greek column type is the most basic and simplest designed?

The ionian column

What is the Greek root word for plain simple?

The Greek root word for plain or simple is "haplous."

What are the features of a doric column?

Different peoples had different architecture - eg the Egyptians based theirs on a n original pillar of bound papyrus stalks etc etc. With the Greek peoples there were three main styles - Corinthian, Ionic and Dorian (those who took over the Peloponnesian Peninsula). Being plain people the Dorians produced a plain column, without the acanthus leaves of the Corinthian and the ram's horns of the Ionian columns.

What is Greek column style?

There are four different types of Greek columns. They are called: Ionic, Doric, Corinthian. The Doric is just a tall plain pillar with a squared top and bottom. The Ionic is a fancier type of Doric, but instead of a squared top, it has spiraled corners. Lastly, the Corinthian is WAY fancier than any other. It has pedal like shapes all around it.

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Who made the doric greek column?

Corey Moffett did

What style of Greek column has no base?

Charlies nose

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