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The Santa Ines mission served the Indian people who are on the east of the Coast Range. The mission was in the modern-day city of Solvang, California.

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Q: What is the pueblo of mission Santa Ines?
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What did Mission Santa Ines eat?

The Mission Santa Ines were good fishermen so they fished.

What is the condition of Mission Santa Ines?

The current condition of mission Santa Ines is good. You can still visit mission Santa Ines and it is in well condition as of now.

Who is the founder of mission Santa Ines?

Mission Santa Ines Was named after Saint Agnes (Santa Ines) from Rome.

What are some good trades from the santa ines mission?

what are some good trades from the santa ines mission

What tribe lived at the mission Santa Ines?

how many native americas lived in the mission santa ines

What is unique about Santa Ines mission?

what is uniquie about ines

What products were made in mission santa cruz?

what produts were made in mission santa ines

How many fountains in mission Santa Ines?

there are 2 fountains in the Santa Barbara mission

What foods were grown at mission santa ines?

Santa Ines grew corn and wheat I think.

Why is mission santa ines important?

Santa Ines is important because there is a story about a girl named Pasquala and that is the mission she went to. The mission had Yokuts live in it. I hope this helps.

Who lived at santa ines mission?


What did mission santa Ines grow?

The crops that Santa Ines grow crops like wheat , corn and barley.