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A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin, what else does a man need to be happy?

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Q: What is the rest of the sentence a table a chair a bowl of fruit and what?
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What is the simple subject of In the center of the table was a huge bowl of fruit?

The simple subject for your sentence is 'center' (

Where can you get the white fruit bowl on the table in emmerdale farm?

Table lamp

How do you write the sentence - The bowl of cherries go on the table?

The bowl of cherries goes on the table.

What is an ornamental centrepiece for a table called for fruit or flowersd?

A table centrepiece for fruit or flowers is typically referred to as a "fruit bowl" or a "floral arrangement." These are decorative items used to enhance the aesthetics of a table setting.

What are examples of household objects with line symmetry?

Table, chair, plate, bowl, glass, fork, spoon.

What is fruit bowl use for?

A fruit bowl is commonly used to hold fruit or bread.

How can you get the paper from shrink ray island?

You get the paper by filling up the pet bowl (with whiskers on it) and push it to the chair beneath the spot where the paper is on the table jump on the mountain of food and onto the table then click on the paper.

Is the sentence The bowl sat regally in the center of the table a personification?

Yes (because only humans can actually be 'regal').

Can We Buy The Newest Fruit Bowl Online?

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How do you get the paper on the table in shrink ray island?

In the kitchen, there is a cat bowl for Whiskers. There is also cat food on the counter. Push the cat bowl underneath the cat food and jump up on the counter. Step on the cat food and it will pour out into the bowl. Keep doing that until the bowl is really full. Push the bowl underneath the table near the chair closest to the wall. Step on the cat food and you'll be in jumping distance of the paper.

If you have a bowl of oranges and a bowl of bananas sitting on the table which bowl of fruit would go bad first and how long does it take?

It depends on the variety of fruit, their age when placed on the table and the conditions in the room. Normally, I would expect the bananas to go bad first. A bunch of bananas would all ripen and over-ripen at the same pace. Some of the oranges may develop mold, but not usually all at the same time.

What material of bowl is best for fruit?

Ceramic clay is the best material for a fruit bowl