What is the story of Jason?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it was known that Jason was a young boy at the beach and he went into the water a little bit to far. he wasnt a great swimmer so he started to drown.

his mother painiced and started to scream running on the shore. she couldn't swim either. she tried to tell the life guards but they were drinking having sex and doing other bad stuff and they wouldn't help him.

so he drowned and died.

his mother was so angry at the life guards that she killed them and she kept going to Jason's grave and doing this weird spell to make him come alive each night.

one night one of the life guards found where she had lived and went in and killed her.

Jason now rises from the grave and kills people from drinking having sex just for fun and not to have a kid.

Jason thought he had found his mother but it was another girl.

he kept her and locked her in this small room. where she would cry and scream for help.

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Q: What is the story of Jason?
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