What is the symbol of Thanatos?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His most common symbol is a torch turned downwards. Thanatos was portrayed as a young man with an inversed torch in one hand and a wreath or butterfly in the other.

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Q: What is the symbol of Thanatos?
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What is the symbol of nyx?

Night. She was the mother of some of the darkest gods is Greek mythology. Hypnos, Thanatos, Morpheus, and others.

Who is Thanatos?

Thanatos is the Greek god of death.

Did thanatos have a wife?

Thanatos had no wife or children in Greek myth.

How did Thanatos get his name?

The Greek word for 'Death' is thanatos.

Who were Thanatos' friends?

Thanatos was close to his brother Hypnos.

What is Thanatos realm?

Thanatos was the god of death and lived in the Underworld.

When was Nebulosa thanatos created?

Nebulosa thanatos was created in 1925.

When was Thanatos - band - created?

Thanatos - band - was created in 1984.

Did the greek god thanatos have any children?

No, and technically, Thanatos is a daemon.

How many pages does The Thanatos Syndrome have?

The Thanatos Syndrome has 372 pages.

Who is Thanatos's partner?

Thanatos had no mate; his twin brother was Hypnos, his mother Nyx.

When was Thanatos - album - created?

Thanatos - album - was created on 2002-07-15.