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Greece had a Direct democracy

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2010-09-21 22:13:53
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Q: What kind of democracy did Greece have?
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What kind of democracy Greece have?

Greece had a Direct democracy

What countries used democracy in the past?

Greece and Rome for sure. Greece had a direct democracy, and Rome had a representative democracy. Rome's form of democracy was a Republic. A Republic is the kind of government to we use in the USA today.

Is Greece a democracy?

yes Greece is a democracy

Is Greece the first democracy. Someone told me it was Ireland not Greece?

yes Greece was the first country to have democracy . Democracy was born in Athens, capital of Greece.

What ideology was first practiced in classical Greece?

Democracy had its origins in ancient Greece.

Was ancient Greece a monarchy or democracy?

Ancient Greece was mostly a democracy.

What kind of government did the citizens of Athens Greece live under?

Athens, Greece was one of the birthplaces of democracy. Athenian democracy was a direct democracy in which every citizen voted directly on issues of importance, rather than electing representatives to vote for them.

What are three contributions of Greece and democracy?

im sorry , did you mean what are three contributions of Greece to democracy? if so, it was Athens, (not all of Greece) who created democracy.

What cities was the first place to establish a democracy?

Athens Greece was the birthplace of democracy.

What type of democracy did Greece have?

Direct democracy

Did ancient Greece have a republic or democracy?


What was the democracy in ancient Greece?

Democracy started in ancient Greece, but it was just the beginning.

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