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The ancient Egyptians instead of fighting the enemy the would kill themselves.

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they helped soldiers fight for their land

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boomerangs of some sort

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scratching there backs

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Q: What kind of hunting weapons did the ancient Egyptians use?
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What kind of government did Ancient Egyptians have?

a monarchy.

What kind of Egyptians are there?

There are 6 differenttipes of people in Ancient Egypt. But the most important are the Pharaohs. They were the RICHEST Egyptians in Ancient Egypt!

What kind of writing did the Ancient Egyptians used?


What kind of food did the ancient Egyptians grow?


What kind of sports did ancient egyptians play?

ancient Egyptians played boxing, fencing, hockey, rowing, swimming, weightlifting, wrestling etc.

What kind of sail did ancient egyptians drive their boats?

Lanteen sails

What kind of spices did the ancient Egyptians use in their drinks?

They used cinnamon

What kind of pencils did ancient Egyptians use?

The ancient Egyptians used paint brushes of reeds and wheat. They used a chisel like tool in clay tablets. They did not have pencils.

What kind of animal was worshipped by ancient Egyptians and is often found mummified?


What kind of African riches did egyptians trade for?

According to historians, ancient Egyptians had a trading relationship with Africa where they received ebony and ivory. In Nubia, the Egyptians received gold.

What kind of plants did the ancient egyptians use?

reeds that grew along the Nile River

Ancient egyptians was written with little pictures today we call this kind of writing?