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Menes (Narmer) king of Upper Egypt united the two kingdoms in around 3000BC. (Upper Egypt was united with Lower Egypt, that is the White Crown was united with the Red Crown.)

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King Menes

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Q: What king united Egypt into one kingdom?
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What happen between kush and Egypt when Egypt's new kingdom collapsed?

Egypt and Kush united in to one kingdom.

How did Egypt form into one kingdom?

King Menes conquered lower Egypt :o now u know

Who was the king of upper Egypt and united upper and lower Egypt?

It is common belief that Pharaoh Menes of the early dynastic period of Egypt is the one to have united upper and lower Egypt into one single Kingdom. But some believe that he is confused with Pharaoh Narmer, who they believe in actuality was the one to credit for the unification. Also the first-dynasty Pharaoh, Hor-aha, is said to have done the deed.

Who established Egypt?

kings first established 'Egypt', but it was only one king who united both upper and lower Egypt, becoming Pharaoh over a huge, united state.

What is the significance of King Menes who live around 3100 BC?

King Menes was the one that defeated the King of lower Egypt. After it was all over King Menes had united both lands together.

How did Egypt unite as one Kingdom?

The three kingdoms of Egypt were actually time periods so they weren't ever unified. The first kingdom was the Old Kingdom which lasted from 2700 BC - 2200 BC. The second kingdom was the Middle Kingdom which lasted from 2100 BC - 1800 BC. The third kingdom was the New Kingdom which lasted from 1500 BC - 1000 BC.

Who united upper and lower Egypt into one nation?

King Menes, and he combined both crowns into one.

When was Egypt created?

Farming communities were formed along the River Nile ca.4000BC. Later two kingdoms were established: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. In about 3000BC the two kingdoms were united and Egypt became a kingdom under one pharaoh (king).

Did king khufu rule ancient Egypt?

he ruled in Egypt.

Is united kingdom one countire or different parts?

The Unted Kingdom is composed of three countries, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These land masses were united under the English King, hence the term United Kingdom. Pure Star

What was king Philip of Macedonias main achievement?

He united the Greek city states under one kingdom

What made king Menes a good leader?

King Mene's main contribution to the success of Egypt was that he took over Lower Egypt and overthrew the king of Lower Egypt and he united both upper and lower Egypt into one great big kingdom. King Menes (or Narmer as he is also known) also showed unity of these two lands by building the city of Memphis which is in the middle of where the border of Upper and lower Egypt was. he also created the doudle crown, a crown made up of both the crown of Upper Egypt (the White Crown,) and the crown of Lower Egypt (the Red Crown)