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Q: What large island is found Southeast of the Ancient Greece main land?
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Where were ancient Greek homes found?

Ancient Greece

Where is Milesia in Ancient Greece?

Milesia can be found today in east Greece

What ancient part of Greece can Sparta be found in?

the lower half of Greece

When was ancient greece found?

I twas found in the dark ages.

Where is Milesia from Ancient Greece located?

Milesia can be found in eastern Greece

When was Sparta ancient Greece found?

I twas found in the dark ages.

A skene is a type of theater found in?

It's found Ancient Greece.

When was the discus from ancient Greece first found?


Where was the ancient Greek computer found?

we had computers in greece??

What type of government found its beginning in ancient Greece?


Where is crete found?

It is a large island to the south/south west of Greece. It is currently owned by Greece.

Where was pythagorean theorem found?

It is understood to be found in Ancient Greece. See the link below...