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Q: What left Egypt open to attack from Kush?
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Did the greek people win the Trojan war?

odysessus thought up the idea of putting soldiers inside a giant wooden horse left in front of the Trojan gate as a peace offering. the trojans brought the horse inside, thus the Greeks were able to open the gates and let all the Greeks in for a midnight surprise attack so yes, the greek people win

How did the Trojan horse help greek defeat the Trojan?

the Greeks hid in the hollowed out wooden horse, and sailed their ships away, making the Trojans believe they had left. The trojans celebrated and took the horse left behind as a sign of surrender by the Greeks. They then brought the horse inside to serve as a statue and reminder of the Greek surrender. At night, the men inside the horse, escaped, killed the guards at the wall, opened the city gates and signalled the hiding Greek forces to attack. With the heavily fortified wall gates now open, the Greeks easily defeated the Trojans.

Why does the study of the geography of Egypt help us to better understand Egyptian civilization?

Extremely. The single most important fact about Egypt is the Nile River, and the annual floods.Being able to store the water for use in the dry months led to engineering. Being able to channel the water gave us agriculture. After the floods, a farmer needed to figure out what land was his; that was the basis of geometry and surveying.

What was Odysseus plan to attack troy with a wooden horse?

His plan was to make a wooden horse as a gift from the gods (Troy thought the gods killed the Greeks) to troy and hide in the horse so the Trojans would bring it in their city. So at night they got out of the horse and open the gates so the other Greeks can come in and raid Troy

Is the cave at chauvet is now open to the public?

The cave at Chauvet is now open to the public

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