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In Ancient Greek Mythology a water snake called the Hydra would do this but it was kiled by Herculies in one of his 12 quests

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Q: What monster grows two heads for every one cut off?
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What power do greek monster hydra have?

It has three heads, and for every head you cut off, two more grow in its place.

Who was Hydra of Greek mythology?

Hydra was a nine-headed serpent that every time you cut off one of it's heads it grows two more in place of it's lost head. Hercules killed this monster by grabbing it's neck while cutting off it's nine heads.

What is Poseidon pet?

Poseidon's pet is the Hydra, a seven headed beast (i believe) who grows two new heads with every head cut off.

What were 3 traits of hydra?

Has lots of heads grows heads back after cut off breaths fire

How do you defeat the sword of knowledge?

First, cut off 1 tail and 2 replace it. Next, cut off 2 tails and a head grows in. Then, cut off 2 heads and then 2 more and then there are no heads but 2 tails. After that, cut off 1 tail and 2 replace it. Next, chop off 2 tails and a new head grows in. Then, cut off 1 tail and 2 replace it. After that, chop off 2 tails and a head grows. Finally, cut off your last 2 heads and you are left with nothing but a dead drogon.

When Hercules cut one of hydras heads of how much did she have left?

Every time he cut one of their heads off, two grew back.

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What is the hydra in greek mythology?

Hydra was a sea serpent with nine heads and was killed by Hercules. Hercules found that when ever he cut off a head two more heads would grow back. Hydra also had poisonous fumes that made Hercules cover his nose.

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2 tails grow

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What was difficult about killing the Hydra?

Every time you cut off one of its heads it grew two more.