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pindus mountains

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Q: What mountain range runs through the center of Ancient Greece?
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Where was the center of activity in ancient Greece?

in grece

What is the simple predicate in Ancient Greece was the center of science?


Main center of healing in ancient Greece?


What is the Main center of healing in ancient Greece?


What are the mountain ranges in Greece?

Some of the main mountain ranges in Greece are the Pindus Mountains in the north, the Olympus Range in central Greece, and the Taygetos Range in the Peloponnese. These mountain ranges provide stunning landscapes and are popular destinations for hiking and outdoor activities.

In ancient Greece what did a fire in the center of town mean?


What area was the center of city life in ancient Greece?


What was the main center of healing for ancient Greece?

Hippocrates came from Cos.

In ancient Greece the marketplace in the center of a city-state was referred to as?

The agora.

Some good Ancient Greece sites that tell you about beliefs?

here are some sites for ancient Greece they are not all about beliefs but they still might help you <center> </center> <center> </center> <center> </center> <center> </center>

What country in south eastern Europe was the culture center of ancient civilization?


How do I start my report on Ancient Greece?

The purpose of this report is to . Using this format will center your thinking and tell the ready why you wrote it. Make sure you write about one thing on Ancient Greece. The purpose of this report is to describe the art produced in Ancient Greece.