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the name that most of them hat was heyimdumb the name that most of them hat was heyimdumb

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Q: What name was used by several pharaohs?
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What is the name of the process used to preserve the pharaohs body?


Who is Sobekhotep?

Sobekhotep was a name shared by several Ancient Egyptian pharaohs who reigned during Middle Kingdom.

Which pharaohs used the Nile River?

Given that it is Egypt's only river the answer must that all pharaohs used it.

What was the name of the ancient egyptians that built pyramids to be used for their pharaohs?

Usually the builders did all the work

What was the name of the pole star in the age of the pharaohs?

The name pf the Pole star in the time of the pharaohs was Thuban

What is the name of the pharaoh who ruled karnak?

Building at the Karnak complex began in the reign of Sesostris I and continued into the Ptolemaic period so several pharaohs ruled Karnak.

Do pharaohs looses there throne name when they step down?

Pharaohs do not step down, they rule until death.

What is the name for a pharaohs headdress?

double crown

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What is the name of the leaders in ancient Egypt?


What were some pharaohs name that started with a?


What name did the pharaohs give to the tombs?