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Menes (Narmer) king of Upper Egypt united the two kingdoms in around 3000BC. (Upper Egypt was united with Lower Egypt, that is the White Crown was united with the Red Crown.)

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Q: What powerful king united ancient Egypt?
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What is the all-powerful king in ancient Egypt called?

rames 2

How was ancient Egypt unified?

king narmer united lower and upper Egypt.

What king united Lower and upper ancient Egypt?

Pharaoh Narmer (who may also have been called Menes) united the Kingdoms of Egypt.

What is a name for the king of ancient Egypt?

The king of ancient Egypt is normally referred to as a Pharaoh

Who was king Menes and what did he achieve?

Menes, the first king on the list of kings of Ancient Egypt, is usually thought to be the same person as Narmer, the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt.

Who is king narmer?

King Narmer was an Ancient Egyptian king that is thought to be the same person as the Scorpion King. He united upper and lower Egypt and created the double crown, which is worn by the king of upper and lower Egypt.

What is a king in ancient Egypt?

king aha

What does king Menes do for Egypt?

He united Egypt

Who was king mene?

he is king narmer a king of Egypthe was the first king to have the 1st dynastyhe was the fist king/pharaoh of Egypthe united both upper and lower Egypt Menes was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the early dynastic period, credited by classical tradition with having united Upper and Lower Egypt, and as the founder of the first dynasty.Menes was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He united upper and lower Egypt. He was said to be the first king of Egypt. He was king around 305-285 BCE. He was also the first king of the first Dynasty. His full name was Manetho. Menes also founded the first Dynasty with 8 kings.

What was a king in ancient Egypt?

the king narmer or menes

Who united the upper and lower Egypt?

King Menes united upper and lower Egypt

What king united Egypt?

king menes

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