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Economic Transactions

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Q: What prompted the development of record keeping systems?
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Why do business systems still need more development?

Business systems still need more development so as to accommodate the needs in the business world. The system are aimed at making transactions and record-keeping simple and convenient.

What was the ancient writing systems importance?

Communication and record keeping.

What is the name for the time before systems of writing and record keeping were developed?


How did the development of writing affect Greek cultures?

It facilitated communication and record keeping.

How did cuneiform help in the development of civilization?

Cuneiform was significant in the development of civilization as it enabled the ancient Mesopotamians to record information, such as laws, contracts, and religious texts, leading to more structured societies. It facilitated communication and record keeping, aiding in the organization of complex systems of government, trade, and culture.

Why did systems of record-keeping emerge in early civilization?

1) Taxation, and 2) military service.

How did distant trade contribute to the development of the Phoenician alphabet?

It was both a means of communication and record keeping.

How did cuneiform impact our modern day lives?

Cuneiform, one of the earliest forms of writing, laid the foundation for written communication and record-keeping systems that have evolved into modern writing. While it is not directly used in our daily lives today, the development of writing systems such as cuneiform has had a profound influence on the way we communicate, record information, and preserve knowledge.

What did the Phoenicians invent to make record-keeping easier?

They were the first to develop alphabet-based writing, much simpler than the writing systems developed so far.

Advantages of computerized record keeping?

what are the advantage of computerized record keeping

How do you record keeping?

That is the correct spelling of "record keeping" (saving data).

How Phoenicians start?

They looked for a better means of written communication and record keeping than the existing hieroglyphs and syllabic writing systems.