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The reason that the greeks might not have had any questions to the evidence that hevier objects fall faster than light objects is because they would be questioning statistics which is that heavier objects and lighter objects do not fall at different rates but at the same its just the pending on the weight ex. a brick and a feather you drop a brick it falls quick beacuse of its weight and a feather because of it's weight it falls alot slower but at the measuerment of the objects falling quicker than the other they don't its irrelevent.

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Q: What reason might the Greeks have had not to question the evidence that heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects?
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Why do heavier objects fall faster then lighter objects?

Heavier objects have more gravitational pull on them

In freefall heavier objects fall with a greater acceleration than lighter objects?

In a vacuum, all objects fall at the same rate regardless of mass due to gravity. This is known as the equivalence principle. However, in environments with air resistance, lighter objects may experience more air resistance and fall slower compared to heavier objects due to their surface area-to-mass ratio.

Do heavier objects fall with a greater acceleration than lighter objects in free fall?


Does lighter objects fall down faster then heavier objects?

No lighter things do not fall faster than heavier things. In a vacuum they will fall at the same speed. Normally the heavier thing will fall down faster because of its weight. Sometimes the lighter thing falls faster depending on the air resistance.

Is weight measured in g or kilogram?

in kg for larger, heavier objects, but g for smaller lighter objects

Is it easier for a tornado to lift heavier objects or lighter objects?

As common sense would suggest, it is easier for them to lift light objects.

Do heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects when on a parachute?

Assuming the parachutes are the same size, then yes.

In freefall heavier objects fall with a greater acceleration than lighter objects A True b false?


What law says that heavier objects require more than lighter objects to move or accelerate them?

second law

Why do lighter objects fly slower than heavier objects?

they have less mass. heavier objects have a great mass so it gets pulled down faster..... by a little thing called......gravity!

Why heavier objects fall faster than do lighter objects?

They don't. All objects fall at the same rate of speed because of weight.

The size of the difference threshold is greater for heavier objects than for lighter ones?

Webers Law