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You will turn into stone if Medusa wasnt looking at you but if st you he was looking at you, you will turn into an stone

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Q: What supposed to happen when you gaze into Medusa?
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Why is the name Medusa appropiate for a type of cement?

Medusa's gaze turned mortals to stone.

How does nature relate to medusa?

Medusa's ability to gaze at men and make them stone is likened to coral.

How does Perseus punish the wicked King Polydectes and his followers?

He unveils the head of Medusa and turns her gaze towards King Polydectes, because even in death Medusa's gaze can turn things to stone.

Who had a stone gaze in greek mythology?

Medusa (the lady with the snakes for hair)

Is Medusa in The Bible?

No, Medusa is a Gorgon from Greek mythology.

Can Medusa be defeated by reflecting her gaze?

In the myth Perseus and Medusa, Medusa did not have a petrifying gaze. She was so hideous in appearance that anyone who looked at her was turned to stone. Perseus uses a polished shield to look at her reflection instead of at her and was able to approach her and cut off her head with a sword.

Did Medusa kill someone?

Medusa killed many "someones." With her gaze she could turn people to stone and she made use of that gift.

Is Medusa a folktale?

Medusa is a character from Greek mythology, not a folktale. She is often depicted as a monster with snakes for hair, whose gaze turns people into stone.

Was Medusa an archer?

No, Medusa is typically depicted as a gorgon with snakes for hair and the ability to turn people into stone with her gaze. She is not associated with archery.

Who is mediza?

Medusa is part of Greek mythology. Her gaze turned people to stone. Her her was writihing snakes.

How do people recognize medusa?

Athena had cursed her with snakes for hair. With her gaze she turned people to stone.

Does Medusa have magical powers?

Medusa does have some powers. She has an hypnotic gaze and could turn people to stone. She had once been very beautiful but was too vain.